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How To Buy And Register A Domain For A Website

Any website, like any person, should have its own address and name. The IP address identifies the location of the site for search engines. A symbolic name is necessary to identify a resource in a specific area of the Network. All IP addresses of resources are assigned their special symbolic names. The table of correspondence of addresses and names is stored on DNS servers. When an Internet user enters the domain name of a resource in the address bar of a browser, the servers find the corresponding IP address and then direct the user to it. Therefore, before placing a website on the network, you need to buy a domain. The choice of a domain should be approached responsibly and creatively, like choosing a name for a baby. A little explanation will help you choose and buy a domain correctly.

General information about domains

A domain name always consists of several symbolic designations, which are separated by dots. If the domain name consists of two words, the first of them is the actual name, and the second is the domain zone. In a domain name that consists of three words, the first word is a name, the second is a subdomain, and the third is a domain zone. Also, don’t forget about Rs 50 Hosting India, which is the best to host your website.

The first-level domains are divided into two types:

  • general purpose;
  • limited use;

Buy and register a domain

How to choose the right domain name

You should select a domain name for your resource in this order:

  • Determine the domain zone where you need to register the name. It is necessary to take into account the requirements of the domain zone for registering new names;
  • choose a suitable resource name;
  • Check the uniqueness of the name using a special resource.

Domain names usually represent:

  1. The name of the trademark or company.
  2. The name of the company’s products or activities.
  3. Names that are made up of several words.
  4. Meaningless, but” beautiful ” words.

When choosing domain names, you should avoid very long words and double-digit spelling of letters or words. And, $1 Hosting Australia will provide you ultimate peace.

Buy and register a domain

Domain registration is the process of entering information about a domain and its owner into a database. This is done to guarantee the uniqueness of the domain. The registration itself is valid for a certain period and can be extended. The procedure and rules for registering international domains are established by the ICANN organization; national domains are established by the authorities or registrars of certain countries. The registrar of top-level domain names must be accredited by ICANN and have special powers. All domain registrars of the same zone use a common database. You can connect to MyTruehost for great domains along with the Cheap Reseller Hosting at the most affordable prices.

The terms of domain registration differ significantly and depend on:

  • depends on the type and level of the domain;
  • from the registrar’s conditions.

Domain name services are often provided by providers who take all organizational issues on themselves. Hosters can provide domain names for free. However, you can only get a third-level domain for free and not in popular zones.

Best Hosting Plans In India, Reseller Hosting India, Best SSD Hosting

Best Hosting Plans In India, Reseller Hosting India, Best SSD Hosting

More recently, PHP has become known as a programming language that runs on web servers. It is the language that gives users extensive features and incredible flexibility. If you compare PHP with JavaScript, then the second one is significantly inferior to its modern competitor, since the competitor implements unlimited possibilities for databases, working with files, content, and so on.

Today, it is much safer to execute code on the server than on the client machine, which is what PHP does. Modern websites have long since ceased to be static objects, including a sampling tool, a database, and a repository of various data. There are also tools for creating documents with data and processing user requests. Therefore, Best Hosting Plans In India is the most popular.

The modern developer has many tools and opportunities to choose the means of creating websites. But not all funds will be open and generally applicable. The fact is that the developer will not only create a working resource, but also monitor its availability, supporting changes based on current trends in hardware and software changes. The wisest solution is considered to be hosting PHP sites.

PHP is a server-side embedded scripting language. This means that the technology handles the hosting of PHP sites inside an html document, giving it the ability to generate the currently existing content. If desired, the site can be made a web application, making it not the usual set of statistical pages, but something else.

Why choose to use mysql PHP hosting? In fact, there are a lot of other options, but this one is in demand due to its high speed, reliability and ease of operation. In addition, mysql php works regardless of whether it is possible to work with the database, as well as the platform. Also, don’t forget knowing more about Reseller Hosting India.

PHP was originally created to work on the World Wide Web, which it did well. But developers need to keep in mind that PHP does a great job with a lot of extensions, which will always be useful.

MYSQL PHP support, popularity and demand for hosting

To date, PHP is considered the most popular and popular virtual hosting. The development provides customers with a high-quality product that works without interruptions, guaranteeing the reliability and quality of a set of services. Always be careful when choosing a hosting service.

If you choose the Best SSD Hosting service, it is better to pay attention to the one with the least restrictions. Less restrictions — more opportunities. PHP should not have any restrictions for creating a database, as well as limits for the amount of incoming traffic. There should also be no restrictions on mailboxes and their number. As a result, the user gets a working web interface with the ability to work with email and a DNS management interface.

A notable feature of PHP is that it is possible to include blocks within a single page, which can eventually be separated using special characters. When the server receives the information on the web page, all PHP blocks will start and will support mysql PHP hosting.

How To Move A Cheap SSD Hosting?

Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting

Sooner or later, any webmaster is faced with the need or desire to move their project to another location. Whatever the reason, the procedure does not change. Before proceeding with the transfer, consider a few important points.

You need to remember that all sites can be divided into two categories:

  • with the base
  • without a database

Since the main function of the first type of sites is to store and use a large amount of data, all projects built on CMS fall into this group. This group also includes sites where scripts collect and fill in the database information. Therefore, always be careful when choosing a Cheap Hosting India.

Do not forget about the second group of sites, which, although they do not have a database, are also useful. These include sales pages, business card sites, and other projects that are not limited to a few pages.

Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting
Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting

Why did we mention this classification?

The fact is that the transfer of the second group of sites is an integral part of the transfer procedure for the first group. Then you will understand everything. Also, know more about Reseller Hosting India to attain great advantages.

What does a website migration look like?

The whole process revolves around the database and file structure, which you need to transfer to another host without loss and violations, and then configure the binding of the domain name. We back up the database and file structure on the Source. To do this, you can use special scripts, a file manager, or another assistant. Fortunately, there are plenty of such people today. Save the created copy to your local computer. We switch the source to maintenance mode using a special command in the management console.

We look at the Destination configuration, and perform a comparative analysis with the Source configurations. This step should have been the first after you decided to move to a new location, to make sure that the move is possible and all the characteristics meet the requirements. Pay attention to the amount of available memory. On the Destination site, it should not be less than on the Source site, because in this case, when you move, you will lose some of the functionality — the script will not start, the site will not start working in normal mode.

Unpack the archive with the file structure to the root directory of the Destination site. At the Destination, create a new database and move the database archive from the Source to it. For this purpose, universal tools, such as phpMyAdmin, are suitable. The names of the databases can vary because different hosts use different prefixes in the names database. Write down the name of the database, the user name, password, and the name of the database server. Then it will come in handy. On the Destination site, set the new values in the configuration files to access the database. Scripts use special files where you have to change all the information that you wrote down in the last paragraph of the instructions. Change the link of the domain name with the Cheap SSD Hosting.

When the binding is triggered, you will see in the browser that the site has started functioning. On the Destination site, the page should open in working mode, on the Source site, the service mode should open.

How To Buy Cheap WordPress Hosting in India?

Cheap WordPress Hosting, Cheap SSD Hosting, Reseller Hosting India

Read the reviews and opinions of users about the company you are interested in. This will allow you to get a truthful and objective opinion about it and choose the right one. If it is mostly good, then you can move on.

After reviewing the rating of hosting company, be sure to use the test period.

Hosting can be compared to the house where your website will live. The better the house, the more convenient it is to use. Pay maximum attention to Cheap WordPress Hosting, the future life of the website depends on it. You don’t want to live in a slum without sewage and water, do you? So do not condemn your site to such an unenviable fate.

How to choose a normal hosting service

  1. Determine for yourself exactly how many sites you would like to host, how much disk space you will need for this, and how much you agree to pay. Sift out those firms that do not satisfy you, and get to know the rest a little better.

If this is your first hosting, and you do not want to overpay, then pay attention to the fact that the chosen tariff supports the well-known programming language PHP version 4/5, as well as the MySQL 5 DBMS. Without this, the CMS will not work.

  • Read the information on the website of the companies that interest you.

 Take a closer look at the available rates. Keep in mind that your website will grow      and constantly develop, and over time you will need to switch to the next tariff, so check it out. Many firms offer a very cheap initial tariff, and for all subsequent ones they charge three skins.

  • Read the opinions and reviews of users about the company you are interested in. So you can get an objective and truthful opinion about it. If it’s good, then move on.
  • Take advantage of the special test period. For all this time:

Talk to technical support — look at the literacy of the answers given and the speed of response.

Evaluate the comfort of the control panel.

Pay special attention to the loading speed of the website pages on the new Cheap SSD Hosting.

  • If you are transferring an Internet resource, then ask the technical support service of the Reseller Hosting India to do it for you. A very simple task that will allow you to see how technical support works in practice.
  • Do not rush to buy hosting immediately for a year, first pay for one month. If no difficulties are found during this period, the website works completely stable, and no errors bother you-feel free to extend it for the whole year.
  • On some hosting sites, you can see a special promotion: “If you pay for a year, you will get a domain as a gift!” It must be noted that such free lucrative gifts can be a mousetrap as well, hence trust only on the MyTrueHost India for quick hosting and domain help. Working with other hosting companies- if the first year will cost you nothing, then for the second year, alas, you will pay twice. In addition, it will be very problematic to withdraw your domain.

Choose The Most Affordable And The Best Hosting Plans In India

Best Hosting Plans In India, Reseller Hosting India, Best SSD Hosting

For a successful choice of hosting, you should take into account many indicators and even such a factor as cost does not play a significant role. The cheapest hosting will be a winning option only for a very simple Internet site, and for a serious project, more power is already required.

Best Hosting Plans In India, Reseller Hosting India, Best SSD Hosting
Best Hosting Plans In India, Reseller Hosting India, Best SSD Hosting

Due to the high competition, companies are now trying to attract customers by any means, and in this regard, they often reduce prices or offer special discounts. This is especially true for various young companies that have just entered the market. However, the cheapest hosting can be a huge problem. The quality of service there may not be at the level that was expected. In addition, the disk space capacity is also very important. Also, the Best Hosting Plans In India should have a normal high uptime. This will give an excellent opportunity for the website to be always accessible to users. The overall loading speed of the website should also be at a high level, as users will definitely not want to waste their time waiting too long. Depending on the traffic to the website, you should look at the traffic throughput per month. This bandwidth should be sufficient for the resource to function stably. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a tariff plan that will meet absolutely all your requirements. Then, when working with the resource, there will be no problems.

Cheap hosting provider rate

Many companies today offer a variety of different tariffs. They differ in both price and set of characteristics. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose the tariff plan you need. At the same time, you will not have to pay for various services that you do not use at all. And if you need new features, you can easily change the tariff to a more suitable one. These services are provided only by paid Reseller Hosting India.

When choosing the free option, you will be very limited to the most minimal parameters. It is suitable only for small Internet sites that do not claim to be the leader in the Network. In addition, free hosting can also be used as a special platform for various tests. If you are planning a full-fledged and long-term project, then you should choose hosting on a fully paid basis. Because of this, you will be able to choose the appropriate tariff plan.

With completely free hosting, you will, unfortunately, feel a lot of different inconveniences. After all, the hoster will place a variety of advertising banners on your website. They will signal the Internet user that he got to a very low-quality site. Since a reputable company will definitely not place its Internet site on such terms. In addition, free hosting is characterized by many other disadvantages.

Paid hosting allows you to use all the advantages of the service. At the same time, annoying ads will not be placed on your pages. You can also make folders, which is usually not always available on a regular free hosting service. Reliable and reputable Best SSD Hosting companies offer a special domain registration service. At the same time, you become its sole and full owner. With free hosting, the rights to your domain will belong to the hoster. In this regard, it is not necessary to risk the image of the company. And for its good functioning on the Internet, you need to choose a paid hosting service.


What Is Quality But Cheap Hosting India?

Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting

If we consider its work on the example of good football referees who blow their whistle only in cases of extreme necessity, but they competently monitor everything that happens on the field, then we can say that high – quality hosting is hosting, the work of which is invisible in the daily functioning of the site. Just as the correct work of the referees makes the match even more interesting, so high-quality hosting should perform all the functions assigned to it. At the same time, it should work reliably under all circumstances.

Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting
Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting

Being aware of the quality of hosting, the conclusion itself suggests itself: in no case should you trust your site to little-known hosters who are not able to offer anything worthy. Cheap hosting is not even worth paying attention to. Simply put, you need to be very “distant” to buy Cheap Hosting India and host your site from a hoster who has not worked in this field for six months. Even well-designed advertising will not ensure the quality of the work of such a hoster.

The choice of hosting is very important

Just think about it. For some reason, you do not seek to rent a room in an apartment for a ridiculous price, realizing that your neighbors will be drug addicts and alcoholics. The well-being of this house will depend not only on you, but also on how many more normal people will agree to live with such neighbors. In this case, there is a high probability that this house will simply be demolished due to the fact that it will not have enough normal residents. At the same time, no one will warn you about your decision forReseller Hosting India.

Perhaps, financial instability will be able to remove all fans of hosting, leaving only really high-quality and reliable hosters in business. It is possible that in this case, the number of negative reviews shouting about the “setup” will significantly decrease.

To avoid many common problems and avoid falling victim to scammers and unreliable hosters, you should focus a little more on how to choose the right hosting that meets all your needs.

You can choose the right hosting service only if you are initially fully aware of what exactly you want from it, that is, what kind of site you plan to create and how it will develop. The choice of hosting will depend on many things in the work of your site. Do not forget that every new site is always difficult to promote, and unreliable hosting can completely destroy your site. It is a clear understanding of what exactly your site needs for normal operation that can reduce the choice of Cheap SSD Hosting for the site only to finding an option that would suit you at its cost.

There was a time when I also could not decide on hosting for a long time. At the same time, I constantly scoured various hoster sites, special forums and other resources, trying to understand all the new and incomprehensible terms for me. In the end, I chose the type of hosting that contained as many of these terms as possible. It is worth saying that after several months of work, about 90% of these functions remained unclaimed, and the site works perfectly without them.

What Is Hosting Uptime?

Cheap WordPress Hosting, Cheap SSD Hosting, Reseller Hosting India

In all hosting reviews, you can find such a concept as Uptime. Its importance is very important for everyone who wants to place their site on the Internet and its significance is difficult to overestimate.

Cheap WordPress Hosting, Cheap SSD Hosting, Reseller Hosting India
Cheap WordPress Hosting, Cheap SSD Hosting, Reseller Hosting India

So what is uptime and why is It so important when choosing high-quality and reliable hosting? Let’s get this straight.

Uptime-utility (program settings) that shows the time that the computer (server) is running without failures or the need to restart for administration or maintenance purposes. The highest Uptime value of Cheap WordPress Hosting is usually 99.9%. Why not 100%? Because many of the processes and critical updates require reboot of servers. This is unavoidable. In addition, there may be various force majeure circumstances that will affect this indicator.

Server uptime is a very important indicator of its reliability, as it affects the availability of your site and the traffic of its users and bots.

What is dangerous about low Uptime?

You have invested a lot of time and effort in your site, placed it on the server of a hosting company. Then we spent a lot of money on its promotion in search engines, and achieved a high degree of its output. And then the most unpleasant thing happens – the server crashes and your site becomes unavailable for a certain time with the following consequences:

First, you lose precious customers and visitors who just decided to visit your site at this time and were probably going to buy something.

Secondly, the search robots decided to check the performance of your site at this time. As a result, previously indexed pages fly out of the search engine, and your site inevitably falls to the lowest levels of output and you will have to start working on site promotion again.

An unpleasant prospect, which is why the uptime indicator is very important when choosing a Reseller Hosting India service.

How do I check Uptime on the server?

Every self-respecting hosting company has various programs and solutions that help track the value of Uptime. A company usually has several ways to monitor server uptime around the globe. The request is sent to the server from several points and with the specified regularity. Therefore, if the server does not respond to the request, the client notification program is launched in several ways:

  • by email,
  • on ICQ
  • via SMS messages
  • on the phone
  • and other channels

Instant availability check

Get the best Uptime server that has a wide network of monitoring servers around the world in order to track the availability of your site and give an adequate picture of the health of the server that provides you with Cheap SSD Hosting. This service is also good and has a number of features for monitoring server availability.


Now you understand how important the uptime indicator is and how important it is to track it. Fortunately, there are many services for this purpose and you only need to choose the most suitable one for yourself, focusing on the cost of services and the functionality of a particular service. If you don’t yet know what service characteristics are required for your resource, use the free option and expand it if necessary. For more details, must visit- https://www.mytruehost.in/linux_cpanel_reseller_web_hosting_plans.php

What is a Server and what it does?

Best Hosting Plans In India, Reseller Hosting India, Best SSD Hosting

A server is a computer or several computers that have a large capacity and store a large amount of information. The server is always on and connected to the network (either a local network or the Internet) to process user requests and provide the necessary information. The more information the server stores on the hard disk and the more users who send the request, the more powerful the server should be.

Best Hosting Plans In India, Reseller Hosting India, Best SSD Hosting
Best Hosting Plans In India, Reseller Hosting India, Best SSD Hosting

All sites on the Internet are located on servers. If a site contains a small number of pages and information, then there may be a lot of such sites on one server. If the site contains and processes a huge amount of information, then it is located on a separate server, and in fact it is a server itself. For example, search engines Google, Yahoo, Gmail etc we Can say that all the pages of all sites on the Internet are located on the servers of these companies. In this case, the concept of server is a large number of computers (servers) connected to each other and working in parallel, in order to ensure fast processing of the search query and output of the result. And, do check about Best Hosting Plans In India as well.

Origin of the word “Server”

The word “server” comes from the English word “serve” – to serve, to serve. In other words, a server is a serving computer or network of computers designed to serve users who access it with their request.

What are servers for?

A server is necessary for any large or even small company to share resources. This is not just information resources. For example, the server can be accessed by computers, phones, printers, faxes, and other devices connected to the network. The server stores information resources and organizes shared access to them for several computers. And the larger the company and more network users, the bigger and more powerful the server is needed. And, if you are seeking for hosting, you must look for Best SSD Hosting for sure.


A server room is a room where the company’s servers are located. The server room must maintain a certain temperature and humidity. This can be either a small room with one or several computers, or huge rooms the size of a football field with a large number of computers and various equipment to ensure its smooth operation. Such server rooms are maintained by specialized personnel who monitor all standards for maintaining servers in proper condition.

Server administrator

In order to maintain server health, there is a server administrator or system administrator. Its task is to monitor the status of the server, make a backup of data on servers( BackUp), install software and update it, troubleshoot system problems, and so on. The server operation depends on the administrator’s work.

Types of servers

Depending on the functions that the server performs, they are divided into types. The main ones are presented below.

File server – the server that stores all files on the network. This is a hard disk or several disks that store information resources (various files) that are accessed by other computers. The FTP Protocol (File Transfer Protocol) is used for file exchange between the client and the server. Using this Protocol, the user can upload documents, images, music files, and programs to the network. With its easy feed, you can load pages of any site on the Internet, connect computers to each other. Access to the file server is performed after user authorization and is protected by a password. A file server can be any computer with a large disk space (hard disk) that stores various types of files. You can also visit to the suggested source for Reseller Hosting India services. For more details, must visit- https://www.mytruehost.in/ssd-web-hosting-plans.php

How to stand out in the webspace? 8 tips for marketing strategy

Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting

During the global economic crisis, the business industry lost many large firms. Sales plummeted around the world. However, the Internet business was still gradually gaining momentum, as if the crisis had bypassed it. Distrust of Internet resources is disappearing every day. The only problem for you is that more and more businessmen are entering the Internet space and taking their places there and so it is increasingly difficult to win back your place in the market.

Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting
Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting

8 tips for marketing strategy

Here are some tips on how to be competitive and take your place in the sun:

Use the extended description

Offer your customers several products at once, present them at once on the main page, make it bright and colorful. Be sure to highlight your shares in various ways (close-ups, bright colors, photos). Also, Cheap Hosting India is something must to be bought.

Use the feedback form

Be sure to set up a form for comments and contact information on your website. You can also use audio and video comments, reviews. This makes the buyer believe in the accuracy of the information provided.

Provide free information to each visitor

According to statistics, most of the site visitors are not going to make a purchase, they are just looking for information. So give them this opportunity, get them interested in the content of your site, give them the information they are looking for. Share with them your knowledge, useful tips, etc. In the meantime, encourage them to buy your products. And, Reseller Hosting India is something you can’t forget

Use video tutorials

Today, visitors to online resources do not want to spend time reading a bunch of articles to learn something or learn something new. Many of them prefer video reviews. This visual and convenient way will allow you to interest the client not only with all the features of your product, but also with your personality and charm. Moreover, it will not take up much space on your server, since today there are alternative options for placing videos on resources such as YouTube.

Make your website animated

Potential buyers of your product are not robots, they are real people and they want to know that they are dealing with the same real people. They are afraid to buy from a soulless robot site, because they are not sure that if a problem occurs, it will not be lost in cyberspace. Do not be afraid to provide information about yourself on the site or about your employees, contacts in social networks, and so on. Let your customers know who they are buying a product or service from. In case, you are looking forCheap SSD Hosting, consider the suggested source.

Identify the individuality and value of your offer

If your site does not contain information about why your product is better than it is better than others, then be sure that visitors will not stay on it for long.

Your site should clearly answer the visitor’s question “Why do I need this product?

Do not be afraid to clearly determine the price of your offer, even if this will scare away some visitors whose financial condition or status does not allow them to buy your product. Narrow down your potential buyers.


The world is changing in your favor. Today, you can sell not only in the area where you live, but all over the world, without leaving your home. There is only one problem left – to attract potential buyers, make them your allies and your business will grow and prosper.

For more details must visit – https://www.mytruehost.in/linux_cpanel_web_hosting_plans.php

Tips For Choosing A Right Domain Name

Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting

Domain names are here to make it easier to find sites on the Internet. Previously, you had to remember the digital address of the site to open it in the browser. A numeric address or IP address is a combination of four numbers separated by dots. The IP address points to the server where the site is located, and looks like this:

Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting
Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting

You can remember a couple of such numbers, but try to keep a couple of dozen IP addresses in your head, and the numbers will start to get confused. Computers don’t care, they will remember as many numbers as they want, and they have come up with text names for people. By the same logic, we do not learn phone numbers by heart, but save them in the phone book. And at the right moment, you just need to find the name in the phone, and the phone itself will understand which number to call.

What is the difference between a domain and a hosting service?

Cheap Hosting India is a place where the website’s files are stored and, the domain is the name of the site. To make the site work and make it easier for people to visit it, you need both a domain and hosting.

Imagine that the site is a collection of paintings. Then the hosting is the house where the paintings are located, and the domain is the address where you can find this house.

Coming up with choosing a good domain name and Reseller Hosting India is not an easy task. First of all, you need to be creative to come up with a name that then became a brand. Secondly, optimized for search engines and marketing-the domain name must be appropriate for the business. And when you came up with it, passed the first two stages, do not forget about the global competition – Your specially created domain can be registered by someone else!

A brief recommendation for selecting a domain

Tips for choosing a domain

If you have not yet come up with a domain for your site, or now you are facing such a problem, then here are tips that you can use for free:

In order not to strain yourself too much, you can register a domain as the name of your company. There are many examples: reebook.com, Сoca-Сola.com, and Nike.com. Semantic expressions are good to use, but most of them belong to domain registrars. If you don’t have a fat wallet, and you’re not willing to spend thousands of dollars just for a domain name, then you can forget about registering a single word (or phrase) as a domain name. We believe that the hyphen mark in a domain name is a good way to separate keywords. For foreign visitors, use the domains “.com” and “.net”, for Russian-speaking”. ru”

Short and long domains have their pros and cons. Short ones are easier to remember and may be a “brand”, but they are harder to register due to competition. Long domains, on the other hand, can include multiple keywords. While you can still register a domain consisting of a single keyword and an additional prefix word in the “.ru “zone, try this trick in the “.com ” zone. Similarly, you better know more about Cheap SSD Hosting.

Selecting a domain name

Use the Instant domain selection service in the .com zone, where you enter a keyword, and the script generates different options that you can immediately register. For more details, must visit- https://www.mytruehost.in/linux_cpanel_reseller_web_hosting_plans.php